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Live-Online Commercial Licensing  Training Course

Baratta Enterprises will provide you with an intensive four-hour training course in IRP Registration and commercial licensing.  The training program will include a summary and overview of the commercial licensing process required in the 48 continental states, important “how-to” information to manage commercial licensing needs, as well as the ethical requirements of doing business in the commercial licensing field. 

What To Expect:

  • Two hours reviewing the California International Registration Plan (IRP) Customer Handbook

  • Two hours covering commercial licensing and permit requirements

  • You will be able to print the copies of sample applications and permits, pertinent phone numbers and Internet addresses and other helpful information

  • In addition to the four-hour training course, you shall be entitled to up to eight hours of free consulting services from Baratta

Let us teach YOU commercial licensing and YOU can start earning more money. The transportation industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry and there is enough work for everyone to prosper. Why not start today?


Call Chris Baratta now 562-397-2675 for information and Class Schedule.

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